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I avoid mirrors at Ross. You know those full body mirrors at the end of the aisles? I swear to you they are absolutely distorted like those weird ass House of Mirrors at the state fair.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my body. When I was young, I rocked my hourglass figure and big ol’ booty (those were the days before Beyoncé’s curvy curves took center stage). But I hated my calves.


I loved that I felt solid and strong. But I hated the fact that one of my boobs decided to stop growing in junior high.


Whatever, body.


And when Hashimotos barged into my life at 19, I went from hating parts of my body to just being royally pissed off.


I’m not sure when it all happened but my relationship with my body was like living with a roommate who I really didn’t like a whole lot, but they paid the rent.

Have you ever been around someone you really don’t like, so you just tolerate them? And when they need something, you reluctantly give them what they need because, well, you’re not a total bitch?


Or is that just me?


So my contentious relationship with my body continued. I ignored it until it screamed at me–and then I’d reluctantly feed it. Water it. Maybe take it for a walk here and again.


But I sure as hell didn’t love it.


And for years, I read every book on fad diets, exercise routines, and nutrition, but it didn’t come from a place of love. It came from the continued disappointment I felt as the weight packed on and stayed on. Clearly, I did not trust my body.


And as my healing journey took an interesting turn, I started to truly understand what it means to be a spiritual being who has a body. I began to understand that this body that I’ve ignored for so long is the vessel that currently houses my spirit. It’s what feels the feels. It’s where old trauma had been stuck and the journey of healing was actually a spiritual endeavor. I learned that my ability to intuitively connect with others and to connect with Spirit was experienced in my physical body. And as I healed old trauma, I was able to activate my intuition in ways I didn’t even know was possible.


So here I am, consciously undoing the old patterns of behavior and creating a loving relationship with the body I resented for so long.

Here I am LEARNING TO LOVE AND APPRECIATE MY AGING BODY (even as menopause slaps me around every other day).


Are you ready to join me?

Imagine standing in front of a full-length mirror. NAKED. AND WITHOUT MAKEUP.


Seriously, imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror… or if you're courageous like that, stand naked in front of a mirror.

Allow your eyes to slowly scan from the top of your head, to your face, and then to the dips and curves of your body.

  • Where did your eyes linger? Were there any parts of your body that you avoided? Or wanted to avoid?

  • How did it feel looking at yourself?

  • What thoughts filled your mind?

  • Were your thoughts loving and compassionate? Or were your thoughts riddled in shame?

  • Did you feel love? Acceptance? Appreciation? Disappointment? Frustration? Disgust?


What do you want to feel when you look at yourself?

  • What would it feel like to truly release personal judgement?

  • How would you experience life if you didn’t spend time thinking about the numbers on the scale or the food that you’re going to eat?

  • What if you were able to appreciate every wrinkle, every stretch mark, and every bit of skin that’s starting to loosely hang your body?

  • What if you could allow your innermost knowing–your intuition guide what foods you eat and the types of moment your body needs?


What if you could:

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and feel complete love and acceptance

  • Release all the shoulds and need to’s

  • Feel connected and confident in your body

  • Be at peace

  • Feel safe in your body

  • Learn to intuitively care for your body, releasing all the contradicting rules that come from the billion dollar dieting industry

  • Holistically incorporate movement based on your unique body’s needs

Learn the skills to honor your body as the temple that houses your spirit.

Join the 21 Day Challenge and begin to develop the mindset and skills to:

  • Lower cravings

  • Increase the desire to move

  • Learn the sacred purpose of your physical body

  • Intentionally connect with your emotional state

  • Become aware of the ways your body communicates with you

  • Clear blocked energy, promoting the healthy movement of energy through your body

  • Identify and heal shame and guilt

  • Lovingly connect to your physical body

What to expect:

  • A sacred space within our Facebook Group where you can safely share your thoughts, reflections and experience 

  • 21 days of mini-lessons and guided tasks that will help you uncover the beliefs that are keeping you from loving and accepting your body.

  • 3 Live Zoom sessions to collectively practice transformative approaches

  • Opportunities for LIVE Coaching and Intuitive Guidance

  • Personal support from two highly qualified coaches. 

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Who We Are


Dr. Isela Garcia

Dr. Isela Garcia is a spiritual teacher, intuitive coach, and psychic medium. She spent many years healing from generational trauma and complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD). Dr. Garcia’s ability to connect with spirit began at a very young age mostly through dreams and premonitions. Her healing process paralleled her desire to deepen her spiritual awareness and knowledge. It was through those combined efforts–healing from trauma and spiritual learning and development–that she became consciously aware of her ability to connect with Spirit.

Isela helps spiritually focused individuals align with the truth of who they are by helping them uncover the unhealed trauma that’s preventing them from living the life they desire.

Through a mix of intuitive coaching, spiritual teaching, and trauma healing, she offers insights at the soul’s level and provides specific approaches to help you heal so that you can shift from fear to love and ultimately transform your life.


Nina Vasquez

Nina Vasquez is a Certified Life Coach & Integrative Change Worker who specializes in Weightloss. Nina learned to turn to food for comfort at a very young age. Food was her source of emotional support through childhood trauma, the military, divorce, and many other challenges. After over 20 years battling with her weight and yo-yo dieting, Nina turned to Mindset Coaching to finally overcome the mental weight that had her turning to food in the first place. Nina’s own healing journey has helped her realize her true life’s purpose, which is to help other women overcome the mental baggage, keeping them from a life of thriving.

Nina helps woman's release extra body weight and develop a loving relationship with their body. Through a cutting-edge set of frameworks and tools, Nina helps her clients change unwanted habits, transform beliefs, and re-code the unconscious mind to create wellness and thriving in every area of their life. Nina integrates modalities to help you reach your weight goals while simultaneously developing a loving relationship with your body. Through these processes, she helps you create a simple lifestyle conducive to permanent weight-loss so you can focus on all the other areas of your life that matter most to you.

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Testimonials from the Last Challenge

The 21 Day Worthiness challenge with Dr. Isela Garcia was one that I entered with a belief that it would be easy. I have spent the past year intentionally working on feeling worthy and felt I had reached a really great point in life where I felt peace and found calm. I joined believing that I would only reinforce what I had already discovered, and was excited to have that affirmation.


I could not have been more wrong!! This challenge took me to places I had never explored before and allowed me to uncover really deep emotional wounds I didn't even realize I had. I was able to tap into my past hurts, shame, and guilt without judgment but with compassion, love, and forgiveness.


Isela was exceptional at providing clear and concise guidance on how to navigate feelings and emotions, backed with personal testimony as well as research and science. Within the 21 days, each experience was an excavation of the past to uncover how I show up in the world and how/why I feel worthy/unworthy of different things (love, health, relationships, business, etc.). Isela was protective of the space and ensured each of us felt safe within it. She was personable, relatable, and participated along with us. It was a beautiful example of co-creation in action!


This experience is one that I will be doing again as I know there are many more gems I can gain from this challenge. If you feel like you already know this don't know it at this level! It is deep, deeper than you can imagine, in such an amazing way! Thank you, Isela for your steadfast guidance, support, and unconditional love!


—Susan Lewis

I have had a totally transformational February, thanks to you and your generosity! The timing could not have been better in my personal journey to dig into and let go of what has been keeping me small.


When I saw the 21 day challenge posted on day two, I did not hesitate to join. I had been asking Spirit to connect me to a way to work with you. Prayer answered!

I have never participated in a workshop of this nature before and certainly never crossed the finish line. You had my attention from the very beginning with your Facebook lives filled with so much theory, neuroscience, spiritual perspective and practical applications. The daily exercises required real reflection and were gritty at times, but totally doable. I let intuition and spirit help me pour it out onto the page, so I could dissect and analyze and take action to release the old stories.


After decades, many decades, of personal growth work, I am amazed at how much trauma, shame, blame, and guilt were still hanging around and whispering in my ear every day. The underlying hum of “not good enough” was so much a part of my psyche that I didn’t even notice. The unworthiness stayed deep undercover, hidden by my perky optimism and productivity.


Thankfully, I have uncovered lots of layers of baggage to release and lost parts of myself to reclaim. The process is well underway, and I already feel an energetic shift.


I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!


—Lisa Rubin

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