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"Isela helped me understand and accept the fact that I still had unprocessed trauma in my body. Before meeting Isela I was kind of feeling defeated because I couldn't understand why I couldn't even get myself to do the personal development work and coaching work on myself. Isela truly changed the trajectory of my healing journey and just this year I've healed in ways I never thought possible. That is not even including the spiritual world she has opened me up to."


Are you on a spiritual journey, but finding it challenging to navigate your emotional experiences?

Have you ever noticed a disconnect between your spiritual growth and your emotional well-being?

Are you ready to explore your shadows and discover the profound wisdom they hold?

Are you curious about how trauma healing can empower you to live a life aligned with your true essence, inner wisdom and guidance?

Are you ready to release the burdens of unhealed trauma and step into a life of peace, joy, and conscious alignment?


The art of connecting to your inner wisdom

The Sacred Journey

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and connect with the truth of who you truly are?


Join us for EXPANDING AWARENESS an 12-week immersive course led by Intuitive Trauma Guide & Medium, Dr. Isela Garcia, is designed to help you expand your intuition in order to heal from past hurts and transform your life. There will be an emphasis on developing your intuition that will include strengthening your psychic and mediumship abilities. 


In this soul-stirring course, we will delve into the profound practice of shadow work, unearthing the layers that mask your true essence. Through intuitive soul readings, one-on-one guidance, and supportive live Zoom sessions, you will learn how to identify and release the barriers that hinder you from connecting with your inner wisdom and aligning with your authentic self.

Every other week will be dedicated to the integration and practice of the focused content. 

Are you ready to embark on a soulful adventure of self-discovery and embrace the beauty of your inner wisdom? 

Limited spots available. Join the waitlist below and we'll notify you when our registration goes live! 

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