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Pink Clouds

Hi, I'm Isela Garcia, DM

I am a spiritual teacher, intuitive trauma guide, and a medium. My life's work is to support your healing journey so that you can live the life that you desire. 

I offer spiritual healing and development services to help you uncover and release physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks that may be preventing you from living in alignment with who you truly are. 

My methods involve various forms of energy healing, meditation, visualizations, and intuitive guidance to help you uncover and clear any underlying blocks, allowing you to move forward with clarity and focus.


I also use a variety of techniques to help you increase your spiritual awareness and open yourself up to your own intuitive and internal Divine Guidance. 

I am passionate about helping others to reach their full potential and am committed to providing the highest quality of care and guidance along your spiritual journey. If you’re ready to take the next step in your spiritual development, I am here to help.

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