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Hi! I'm Dr. Isela Garcia. 
And I'm here for you.


I am an intuitive trauma healer and a spiritual teacher. My commitment to you is to offer an inclusive community and an authentic relationship that is supportive of your healing journey and spiritual development. 

At the heart of our experience in this lifetime is what is called our Sacred Journey. This is the integration of the parts of ourselves--our sacred self, intellectual self, emotional self, and physical self. 

In this journey is the profound realization that we are all aspects of God, uniquely sharing our gifts with the world. To tap into this spiritual wisdom, we must release the barriers that hinder us from realizing this Truth--guilt, shame, judgments, and negative thoughts and beliefs. And for those of us who grew up with prolonged periods of consistent trauma rooted in childhood, we continue to struggle even after we've created a good life--successful career, financial stability, a partner and possibly a family as well. 

Together, we will work to heal from past pain, embrace the transformative power of love, and tap into the wellspring of divine wisdom that resides within us all. Let us walk this path hand in hand, as we uncover the gifts that lie hidden within you, and together, we'll illuminate the world with the radiant light of healing and love. Welcome to the journey that will change your life forever.

The Sacred Journey is a transformative process where our Sacred, Intellectual, Physical, and Emotional selves integrate   As you practice developing an awareness of your unconscious beliefs, patterns of behavior, and physical sensations in the body, you open the doors to healing and embrace your Divine Essence. Embarking on this journey will the understanding that you are divinely supported and guided in every step you take.


Fear stemming from the ego, will lose its grip as you heal, allowing you to go within and connect with the boundless love that you are. This is the essence of true self-love, a radiant force that empowers you to extend love in all that you say and do.

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Upcoming Session-Waitlist

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and connect with the truth of who you truly are?


Join us for EXPANDING AWARENESS an 12-week immersive course led by Intuitive Trauma Guide & Medium, Dr. Isela Garcia, is designed to help you expand your intuition in order to heal from past hurts and transform your life. There will be an emphasis on developing your intuition that will include strengthening your psychic and mediumship abilities. 


In this soul-stirring course, we will delve into the profound practice of shadow work, unearthing the layers that mask your true essence. Through intuitive soul readings, one-on-one guidance, and supportive live Zoom sessions, you will learn how to identify and release the barriers that hinder you from connecting with your inner wisdom and aligning with your authentic self.

Every other week will be dedicated to the integration and practice of the focused content. 


Launching February 12, 2024

Are you ready to embark on a soulful adventure of self-discovery and embrace the beauty of your inner wisdom? 

Limited spots available. Join the waitlist below and we'll notify you when our registration goes live! 

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Isela is very gifted and knowledgeable. I was nervous the first time that I met with her because I didn’t know what to expect. I was truly brought to tears when she was able to connect with my late father who passed a few months prior to the reading. She has totally changed my outlook on life and death. I’m at peace knowing that there is life after a physical passing. I was baffled on how accurate she was when speaking about things that I’ve never spoken to anyone about. I now know that my dad is at peace and willing to guide me through spirit. Isela is supportive and down to earth which put me at ease. If you seek clarity in knowing if you are on the right path in your life she will make sure you are headed in the right direction.


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I've never participated in a workshop of this nature before and certainly never crossed the finish line. You had my attention from the very beginning with your Facebook lives filled with so much theory, neuroscience, spiritual perspective and practical applications. The daily exercises required real reflection and were gritty at times, but totally doable. I let intuition and spirit help me pour it out onto the page, so I could dissect and analyze and take action to release the old stories.


After decades, many decades, of personal growth work, I am amazed at how much trauma, shame, blame, and guilt were still hanging around and whispering in my ear every day. The underlying hum of “not good enough” was so much a part of my psyche that I didn’t even notice. The unworthiness stayed deep undercover, hidden by my perky optimism and productivity. 


Thankfully, I have uncovered lots of layers of baggage to release and lost parts of myself to reclaim. The process is well underway, and I already feel an energetic shift.  


A byproduct of this time spent in journaling the hard questions and reframing my history, has been manifesting on steroids. I have had multiple magical encounters that truly felt like appointments in time. I followed the lead of my physical body (and spirit) that screamed for me to be in the specific locations where these encounters happened.


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The 21 Day Worthiness challenge with Dr. Isela Garcia was one that I entered with a belief that it would be easy. I have spent the past year intentionally working on feeling worthy and felt I had reached a really great point in life where I felt peace and found calm. I joined believing that I would only reinforce what I had already discovered, and was excited to have that affirmation.

I could not have been more wrong!! This challenge took me to places I had never explored before and allowed me to uncover really deep emotional wounds I didn't even realize I had. I was able to tap into my past hurts, shame, and guilt without judgment but with compassion, love, and forgiveness.

Isela was exceptional at providing clear and concise guidance on how to navigate feelings and emotions, backed with personal testimony as well as research and science. Within the 21 days, each experience was an excavation of the past to uncover how I show up in the world and how/why I feel worthy/unworthy of different things (love, health, relationships, business, etc.). Isela was protective of the space and ensured each of us felt safe within it. She was personable, relatable, and participated along with us. It was a beautiful example of co-creation in action!

This experience is one that I will be doing again as I know there are many more gems I can gain from this challenge. If you feel like you already know this don't know it at this level! It is deep, deeper than you can imagine, in such an amazing way! Thank you, Isela for your steadfast guidance, support, and unconditional love!


I recently met with Isela for a Soul Session and let me tell you my mind was blown, and my heart has been opened. Just a couple minutes into speaking with Isela and I had so many unanswered questions about my life’s journey answered. It was as though she knew my life’s story without knowing any of it. For decades I believed I was broken and didn’t understand the purpose behind my lived experiences.  My Soul session with Isela helped me see that I was on the exact path that was meant for me and truly shed a light on my past experiences and what was next for me. The things that Isela brought up were spot on and Isela is truly gifted at what she does. I felt so loved, guided, and held by Isela in the session. The session was such a profound moment that helped me shift into the next level of healing for myself. If you’re thinking about having a session with Isela go for it! My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

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